The Beginning, The Present, and The End

Rivers make patterns on Earth as veins do in the human body. Water is a symbol of life and rebirth as the blood of Jesus is. It is interesting to note all the patterns of life, of earth, of nature, and of body.

I cannot look around and agree that it all happened by “chance” by a “big bang” alone.

Now, God could have utilized a “big bang” of energy to jump-start creation, but I cannot remain satisfied with the theory of life beginning without a life-force.

Without God.

Without a Designer.

How do you explain the symmetry of the human body, or the patterns of tree growth, or the convenience of our sun’s energy to supply the needs of life on Earth? How can these things be chance occurrences?

They aren’t.

There are many observable patterns in the way new life is birthed from animal to insect  to plant to human, each having a pattern or system of which new life is brought forth. And this wasn’t intended or purposed by a Creator?

Science actually improves my belief in God, rather than disqualifying His existence. The truth.

It is easy to be dissuaded of God because of His “just” and “mighty” nature displayed in the Bible. It is also easy to disbelieve because of the myriad of terrible things that happen on Earth.

Take a moment with me and forget such bad things. All crying, sickness, divorce, murder, adultery, lustall that stuff.

When you see the patterns of creationof naturedoes is not stand to reason that such patterns continue regardless of the bad things? Then, does it not also stand to reason that all bad things are mere “interruptions” of the patterns of nature that God has already set into motion? As if those “interruptions” are caused by another source?

You see, these bad things are a result of a bad choice (Eve and Adam eating the all-knowledgeable fruit that God commanded them not to eat). Could this bad choice perhaps be the result of an evil “big bang” that God did not design?

Here is what we have.

As a result of the Devil’s temptation that led to Adam and Eve’s sin, we have an evil big bang constantly interacting with the natural patterns of life birthed from God’s initial “big bang”.

So, don’t blame God for bad things. Blame the enemythe Deviland do whatever you can in prayer and action to bring all things (seemingly good or seemingly bad) in alignment with God’s pure and perfect design and His word.

“16  Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil,17 learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression;  bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”

~Isaiah 1:16 – 17~

God isn’t bad. The sinful architecture contrary to God’s pure and perfect design is bad. It’s like water and oil, each striving to be on top.

God has ultimately won. What is there to be afraid of?

God wins.

The beginning, the present, and…

The end.






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