A Fraction of God’s Whole

               The reason I’m not getting anywhere is because I have lived life through my dreams. I have not lived them through the Lord’s. I think I’ll be satisfied with life when I become a servant of His passions and not my own. God has gifted me in so many capacities, and I have never understood why. Now I understand. If I create for Him, I will be who I am supposed to be. I will have found my purpose.

                My music? It’s His. My voice? It’s His. My trumpet? It’s His. My writing? It’s His. He named me a creator and gave me a fraction of Himself to multiply into the earth.

                As creators, we have a responsibility to display God’s beauty. Our artwork is a mere hint of what—no Who—is to come. As long as I create with God as the foundation, the possibilities are endless. Can I write about justice? Yes. God said in Isaiah to “correct oppression”. I will do nothing wrong as long as I do it with God in mind.

                I am not a slave to the patterns of this world. I am no longer a slave to self-dissatisfaction.

                I am a slave of Christ.

                He is the wellspring of wisdom. How lucky I am to have His imprint and love print as the foundation of my work! My art will be the best it has ever been, I believe. Why is this so? Well, I have the source of creativity in my heart. I won’t be the sole source of it. I am imperfect and temporary. God can give me the wisdom and guidance to correct the works He initially birthed within.

                My words are not my own.

                Let them be forever known.


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