Love. Reset. Forgive.

I’ve been too caught up in my job, in fears, and in life. I need to go on adventures. I need to see more of where I’m at. Climb more mountains. Do more things.

What is the point of living in Colorado? I need to listen to rock music and do extreme things (within reason). God has given us the ability to experience feeling awesome. Why not grasp it? Why not go after it?

Using our bodies. Breaching limitations. Seeing how far we can go. That’s what life is all about, in certain regards.

Jesus used His body. He walked on water. He healed the sick. He let nails be driven through Him for the sake of mankind. Now that’s what I call breaching limitations and seeing how far you can go.

Jesus used His body to go above and beyond for the billions and billions of bodies which followed.

Why not use our bodies? I know this is an abstract perspective, but the fact that using our bodies enables good feelings must have resulted from some type of design.

So, I don’t know about you, but I want to use my body. I want to climb rocks, ski down mountains, run, hike. I want to


I want to


I want to


And you should, too.

Go. Be. Live.

Love. Reset. Forgive.


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