What Is This Life?

I don’t particularly know what I want to write about tonight. But, if you keep reading, and I keep writing, perhaps we will meet at a mutual point of discovery and interest.


My name is Amanda and, right now, my life can seem a tad mediocre. I have a college degree in jazz music and work at two different clothing stores–one thrift and one consignment. I also am an active participant on the worship team at my church.

On the surface, my life as a recent college graduate appears not so special. In the spiritual, however, such is a different matter.

Though I did not anticipate everything that is happening in my life right now, I do expect that God is taking this time to prepare me for the days ahead.

Do I wish to work in a thrift store as my career path in life?


Do I wish to express myself as an artist and lead worship in church?


We do not always see how present steps create future pathways–and we don’t have to. If we already knew every single moment of life upon conception, there would be no God-given purpose to fulfill. We would just be going through the motions, one “knowing step”at a time.

And that’s not what I want for my life.

I want to live freely in the unknowing of it all. I want to enjoy every step, moment, and breath within what I cannot fully see or comprehend. I know that on the other end of all things is the substance of which I cannot fully fathom and the evidence of which I do not fully deserve.

You see, walking by faith is a privilege. It saves us from disappointment, stress, restless nights–if we apply it in the right way.

Faith is a promise that God will always be there for you, tomorrow. It is a gift that bestows all the blessings and purposes of God in your life. It is a lifestyle that leaves you refreshed and at peace because, without faith, what is this life?


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