Diet Coke

We go too fast, sometimes. At least, I do when I procrastinate.

This morning began like a lot of mornings before work. Sleep until the last minute. Waste time. Hurry out the door to get that soda–that annoying object of pleasure I am addicted to.

In the heat of hurry, I was driving about 30 to 40 miles per hour down a road in town. Lost in my own mind, I ran a stop sign and almost hit a large, white van belonging to some sort of company.

This was one of those almost accidents that makes you think about life more deeply.

If the timing would have been a split second later, he would not have stopped at the exact time he did, which allowed me to swerve exactly when I needed to swerve–though I was the one who caused the whole ordeal.

To me, this has God’s grace written all over it. He protected me from my own mistake, as well as the life of that man (which I hope I do not make a chance contact with him, in person, anytime soon. If ever).

I’m not good at confrontation, and I don’t know that I ever will be on my own. That’s where God’s wisdom comes into play. If I absorb more of what God has to say about me then what my mistakes say about me, eventually, I will be living a life that is more aware of my surroundings. More wise about them. More understanding.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a naturally analytic and observant person, but I am also immensely clumsy due to how my brain functions. Half of my life is in there while the other half is out in the real world. So, sometimes it’s not my fault if I am not “all there”. A lot of stuff goes on in my mind that I cannot control.

But I can control managing my time. I can control leaving a little earlier to get my diet coke in the morning. I can control spending more time with God for Him to help me in areas of weakness.

Our choices can improve the results of our actions.

What will you choose?

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