Fairy Tales Are Expert Fails At Love

Can it really be dissected, the heart?
Can it really be perfected, the mark
of true love? Have I been misdirected only to have been infected by the hope of being rejected not? I hope not that it is for naught that love’s knot is tied. I wish not to be bought by emptiness sought. Let love live lavishly in hearts that are free. Fairy tales are expert fails at love. Predictable. Magical. Wonderful. That’s a lie for we must try to keep it in our grip lest one of us looks away. That is to say: Love is a sacrifice. And so I ask you: Will your love suffice? The heart can be dissected. Rejected. Misdirected. Infected. This is why I give my heart to God to escape the hurtful man that would trod on it again. To escape the hurt I have caused in relationships that should have never began. I believe in God’s plan. That’s my stand.

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