The Essence Of Me

I have this odd desire to be a mother, though I guess it’s not odd considering it’s part of my nature as a woman. I feel God is giving me this desire strongly, today.

The reason why I do not want to be a mother is the stereotypes that hover around it. I don’t want to be a slave to my home while my husband enjoys his life and career. I hate the thought it of it, yet I also understand another thing: my parenthood won’t be another woman’s parenthood. Whoever I marry will be my best friend and won’t leave all those duties and expectations up to me. Parenting, marriage, love–it’s entirely a team effort.

So maybe I won’t be the slave mom. I’ll be my own type of mom, the mom who God made me to be. The mom who travels, enjoys music, speaks different languages, and blurts out random phrases. The mom who doesn’t conform to stereotypical womanhood and doesn’t pressure herself to be a certain way just because she involuntarily exists in a woman’s body.

A mom who is herself. A whole person. Unique. Passionate. Brave. Adventurous.

A mom who isn’t defined by motherhood–why should I be? My child won’t be defined as being a child, but by being a whole person.

I’ll be a good mom because I won’t be a mom. I’ll simply be myself.

And no one has the power to remove the essence of me.


4 thoughts on “The Essence Of Me

  1. Truth is … Knowing your identity and waiting on God’s choice of spouse, being a mom will draw you closer in your relationship with God. Its like a parent who really is a parent discovers for the first time God’s characteristic of Father. It is hard to explain. We can know God as Father without being a parent, but it becomes more defined knowledge once a parent. I’m sharing this thought to lesson the fear off the slavery impression. The moms who appear to be slaves to their kids, I have found, do not know their identity. They don’t have a hobby outside their children. I have seen those type put their children above their marriages (however there is usually more to the story in those cases too). I remember me. When the kids’ father and I were together, I did not know who I was. I wanted him to love me so I took on some of his hobbies and such. When we divorced, I discovered I did not know what I liked or enjoyed doing. I am so glad God helped me in discovering who I am. So, hang in there! God has great things in store for you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I know that those words can sound a bit like I am bashing stay-at-home-moms. I mean, some mom really DO enjoy that lifestyle! I’m just freshly graduated from college, young, single, and so it’s easy to get carried away with all of these thoughts. But really, it’s probably just a waste of time for me to have been worrying so much about something that has never happened, yet! God had his best interest in mine when creating me, so there’s no reason for me to doubt.

      And I’m sorry about your first marriage not really being how you felt you needed or wanted it to be. God has great(er) things in store for you, too. No matter where we are in life, God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. And all He loves us with an eternal love. 😀

      • Amen! sister! But I understood what you meant. I have seen women who become slaves to their children. Hey, there is a Baptist preacher over in a small town you should listen to. He did a sermon series on Girl Power. Let’s just say he is not the typical preacher LOL I’ll post the link to the sermons. When u have time, listen to him.

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