Baptism’s Bath

Help me lose my life in You,

only that I may live for truth.

Guide me with Your rod and staff

to still waters and baptism’s bath.

Give me strength for my own cross,

lest I should gain an empty loss.

Forgive my sin and take my hand.

Like Peter, I doubt; help me to stand.

As sheep that frolic in fields of grass,

I want to be free and run like that!

Like children dancing for no apparent reason,

I want to be adventurous in every season!

Isolation is not that great a friend

compared to the joy of seeing sadness end.

I shall not quit, nor dare give in

to me being “lesser” than past sin.

I will dive into Jesus Christ!

He’s the one who heals all of life!

I’ll carry my cross, for it’s so much lighter

than carrying darkness and evil desires.

I’ll follow His call when I hear my name,

for it’s better than dwindling in fear and shame!

A gift from God is non-refundable.

It’s time to go, for in Him I’m able.

I can do all things through Christ in me.

His sacrifice opened my destiny!

So let’s go ahead and dive into Him,

We won’t regret it, being born again!

Innocent and strong, at liberty and peace,

we will reign and guide the least of these!

As co-heirs and leaders in Jesus Christ,

We are surely meant to win this life!

We will rejoice upon entering Heaven’s gates!

For the glory of God, I can hardly wait!

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