So Just Pray

I wish my mind weren’t so active. It’s a palace of chaos with many rooms which could be a bedroom, a kitchen, or a living room. At times, my thoughts cannot be contained. I wish that I could focus on actual reality and not this myriad of imaginations that parade daily inside my mind.

I feel like I have an over-active imagination. When I am alone, I have a hard time focusing on what is real. Why can’t I just live in reality? I’ve been a big dreamer my entire life, but sometimes it annoys me.

Sometimes it breaks my heart.

Me: “Oh! What if he and I were together?”

Reality. “Nope. You aren’t. You’re too distracted and not accomplishing what needs to be accomplished.”

Emotions: “Well, this sucks. Time to go succumb to a pop and junk food.”

What’s my problem? Is my imagination a curse? Am I to see beautiful possibilities only to become disappointed and interrupted by what is actually going on?


My imagination is a blessing. I am to see beautiful possibilities and become encouraged to overcome what is actually going on.

You see, what is actually going on is actually temporary and can actually be changed.


And this is the beauty of imagination–being able to convince myself of a way out of myself. I always think from as many angles as possible when learning of one’s personal problem or a social situation. I’m resourceful. I want to understand all the details in order to comprehend the best solutions. Most of the time, it’s hard for me to take something at surface representation.

Like a novel.

There is an entire world of thoughts, event sequences, character development, and plot movement. If you never look for such information, how can you find it?

I believe there is a power to skepticism–not in a judgmental or haughty way, but in a way where you are not satisfied until finding the truth.

Do I have an over-active imagination?

No. I do not.

I simply need to “focus it” on the tasks at hand, realizing that there are times when I must think about this or that. There are also times when I need to work, organize my room, practice music, etc….

But even so, I don’t know that I will ever authentically live up to the previous paragraph. I work alone all day. My thoughts are there.

But I can also pray.

Perhaps prayer is the answer.

If I speak to God, He’ll be my focus, and if I can focus on God, I can possess the power to focus on anything I need to.

Second boom.

Well, thanks God for just answering my question!

So just pray.

When your mind is on a roller coaster to nowhere–pray.



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