Fear: A Journal Entry

I wanted to share today’s journal entry:

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 


I don’t want to be afraid. I hate fear. I hate how it controls me, taunts me, squeezes at me, and rips my heart from its truest desires. Fear has been this big, large, ludicrous leech whose suction has invaded the very core of who I am. And I’m sick of. 

No more.

God, please help me stand against fear. Help me rise up against the waves of evil working in this world. I’m with Jesus, walking on the water, waving at the sharks and laughing at the killer whales. What are they when I am with Jesus? If God is for me, what predator can be against me? What fear can overtake me if love lives inside of me?

Yesterday’s journal entry ended with “What is love?”.

And so I am reminded. Love is a state of living where fear has no influence and God holds every influence. In this way, we are free of sin and free to love.

If there is no fear in love, and if I am IN LOVE, I have no way of being IN FEAR.

Fear is a lie. A bird whose feathers are puffed up. A muscle-man with big words and little action. Fear is a facade. A mighty weakling in the midst of confident foolishness. 

Basically, fear is crap. A pile of rotting, worthless waste. And I am finished with wasting away. 

Love is a tree whose branches give life.

And I am wanting this. 

I want love.

For Today:

Today, I will love God, love people, and love myself.


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