Dreamwork is Teamwork

It isn’t ridiculous to dream too big. It’s how the Earth was made. Everything you experience, whether in sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell, was made by someone. There is nothing that exists apart from dreams. From imagination.

And I think it’s false to say that only artists, musicians, dancers, and those likewise are the ones who are ”creative”. Creativity exists in every avenue of life. What about the plumber who redirects pipes for proper water flow and water pressure? What about the factory worker who assembles the same small piece of a product to complete the process?

We are all creatives, and we need to embrace it. We all have the mark of our Father, the ultimate Creator.

What we bring to the table are fractions of a Greater Whole who always makes us whole.

I believe that humans are given talents and abilities to make up the totality of what God wants to do on Earth. He simply administers them through various hands and minds, according to His will and design. Why are some pastors, while others are engineers, teachers, etc.? Is it to perhaps extend a hand that reaches out to every nook and cranny of mankind? If there are only pastors, there are no influences at lunch tables in elementary schools. If there are only missionaries, there are no influences on the thirteenth floor of skyscraper office buildings.

Never think your place to be insignificant. Think bigger. Dream bigger. Dream as part of the one organism bringing the greatest impact.

The Body of Christ.

Dreamwork is teamwork.

Dreams aren’t ridiculous. The willingness to give them up is. You’re not just letting down yourself. You’re letting down the larger picture, the largest Dreamer–the giver of your dreams–to the fear of your dreams being lost in insignificant oblivion.

But fear not.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Jesus is forever. You are forever. What you do now determines part of that forever.

And that’s just awesomely ridiculous.


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