Be strong.

My heart is broken for the things that have happened in Paris. What I hate the most is that a seed of violence produces more violence. An act of hatred is followed by physical action taken on the opposing end. It is good to protect and fight. I do not deny that. I just hate that violence breeds violence and, essentially, we have to become a semi-version of the ones who first came against us.

I hate violence. I hate war. I hate hatred.

God, I wish that I could just communicate to all people at once and share with them the truest and most authentic way to live.

I believe in love.

My mind just wants to explode right now. My heart. Everything within me. I’m at war with myself as the world is at war with one another.

God, I trust in You. I trust that Your ways are good and just. I believe that Your love and wisdom are what humanity needs right now. Clearly, our own way of things doesn’t do the job.

I also know this: there are more of US then there are terrorists. The majority who live for the common normalcy of things. Isis will never win. Terrorists will never win.

I believe that God is more powerful than any man with a machine gun or a bomb strapped to himself. Humans are fallible and cannot make it on their own means.

God is immovable and is able to give all wisdom and solutions to any and every issue.

Guys, even if you don’t believe in God, please pray. What other source to seek from to heal humanity than the one who is greater than humanity? Our knowledge is so small. Seek the one who made knowledge.

Please listen to my words. We NEED to get it together. We need to stand for what is right and true.

It’s up to us what world we live in.


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