Le Français…

I have a goal to be fluent in French this year. I love the language and enjoy speaking it, but it is something that I have worked on off and on. Well…this time will be different.

I WILL practice it. Every day. It is something that is in my heart. I feel it coming alive when I speak it, hear it, and read it. There is something about this language in my life that is necessary. It’s like I am purposed to speak it.

There are certain things in life that just happen to be a part of your heart. For some reason, French happens to be a part of mine. I think I will use it in Africa, someday.

All I know is this:

French makes me feel alive.

C’est comme le français est une piece de mon âme. Je ne peux pas t’explique exactement comment le langue me fais senti.

I just know that I love it.

Well, just wanted to share.

Anyone else out there like to speak French?


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