I see You.

I look around, and I see people made by God. I see struggle, laughter, creativity, curiosity, dreams, passions, thoughts, and unique personalities.

And when I look at them, I see God. I see that all their struggles are understood by Jesus. He lived as a human, yet as God in man. He was tempted, mocked, loved, rejected, sought after, and despised. He encountered human emotions and struggles.

So when we love one other, we love Jesus. We love God. When we feed, clothe, spend time with, mourn with, laugh with, revive, restore, and reclaim the least of these, we are doing the same to Jesus.

Can we just melt our religious façades? Who freaking gives a crap? The only Holiness in us comes from the Holy One of Israel. We, alike, were born as dependent piles of flesh. What makes any among us more than the criminal? What makes the prostitute less than the preacher? Rich or poor, naked or clothed, confident or afraid, we all have the same Maker. There is nothing better about anyone of us that God could not potentially have the power to take away. He could take away my voice that I love to use in singing. He could take away the way I imagine and see and dream.

He could take away your wealth.

But He won’t.

Lord, when I see the people You made, I see You.


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