I’m going to change the world.

My desire is to change the world. I feel as if I was born for this specific purpose. Languages. People. Wanting to solve issues on social and international levels. Wanting to be a mediator/interpreter.

I am constantly thinking and problem solving. I can never take situations at face value. There’s always more. Someone angry is probably someone who is hurt. A murderer may have a hard past. There’s always a story and a reason for the way things are. And being able to see from the perspective on both ends of a situation can help you figure out how to solve that very situation.

I want to use my abilities with language to help solve problems on a cross cultural and international level. I want to be the mediator. The calm in the center of the storm. The pivot point of peace and understanding.

I want people to see others as, well, people. The man with a gun in the opposing army is someone’s father. The teenager being sex-trafficked is someone’s daughter. Both the Christian being beheaded and the ISIS member are fathers.

I believe that understanding and insight into who another person is can be a large catalyst of how to change the world. If Jeremy Cowart can be used by God to change the world, why not myself?

I’m quite finished listening to the lies of the enemy. I’m sick of it. He’s a loser.

I’m a winner.

And because I’m a winner, I’m going to help the world win, too.

Planet Earth, you just wait. I’m going to keep growing in my gifts and character. I’m going to come at you when you least expect it, and when I do, you better be ready. This small blond child is going to rock you (well, the God in me).

I can’t wait to see what will become of this existence.

The end.


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