I’ll see you in the audience.

“Don’t worry about playing a lot of notes. Just find one pretty one.” –Miles Davis

I read this and exactly thought of myself. There are so many things I want to accomplish in life, and it feels overwhelming to keep up with all of them. I want to make sure I am practicing keyboard, voice, and trumpet at least 3 times per week. I am wanting to become fluent in French and Spanish. I want to run at least three times per week.

I’m drowning in an ocean when I could be dancing upon one pretty island at a time.

I can accomplish all these things, but in accomplishing them, I can focus on just one of them at a time. Savor them. Enjoy them. Play the one pretty note at a time until, at the end of life, I’ve mastered the best Amanda solo possible.

Right now, I’m tasting, savoring, and giving in to this post. I’m letting words and thoughts and passions flow from me to you. I don’t have to think about everything else. What exists is here and now. This moment is the only moment I will ever have RIGHT NOW.

The present is what builds the future, is it not?

In fact, I think this entire day will be a most beautiful symphony.

I’ll see you in the audience. 




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