I want to learn more languages and become a translator and interpreter. I believe that communication can break barriers on cultural and international levels. If we don’t try to understand one another, how is it possible to solve any problems?

I want to go into chaos and bring others into the calm at the center of the storm. I sincerely believe this is why I exist. There are always two–if not more–sides to a situation. Nothing is ever its surface value. There is always cause and effect.

My biggest pet peeve about Americans is that we are quick to judge and criticize and slow to pull the stick out of our own behinds long enough to see the points of another’s opinion. Nothing entitles us to anything. We are not of our own means.

We all started out as dependable blobs of crapping flesh and that’s pretty much how we end up, as well. 

This seems harsh, but it’s true. What makes you better than the gay man? The muslim? The transgender? The fat woman? The mentally retarded man? The kid with ADHD? The man who pulled out in front of you? The woman who messed up your order? The man with a scar on his face? The child rapist? The McDonalds employee (I work there, by the way)? The homeless child? The drug addict? The alcoholic?


Can’t we all just realize how foolish we are? We are ALL fools at some point! Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

And this is why we need humility.

Realize your imperfect state and reach out with hands of understanding to your neighbor, for goodness sake. 


We’re all stuck together on this planet, for the time being, so isn’t it more efficient that we work together instead of tearing one another apart?


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