To Move Mountains

In the distance, there is a mountain. A foundation of hope and strength. It’s strong and unwavering; a testament standing stronger than the weak feats of humankind.

We need to be like mountains.

We need to not let the small things move us.

It says in Proverbs that if we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to harbor small strength. I want big strength.

The kind of strength that not only stands like mountains, but moves them.

Guys, let’s be mountain movers. But first, we need to dig. Let’s get our shovels out, digging deep and deadly pits for which our lives can be rooted in. And let’s plant ourselves like trees. Deep and sucking up all possible life. Rooted and strong like the largest of trees.

Trees and mountains are exceptional items of creation.

Let’s be like these.

Don’t be free-floating sediment in a stream. Don’t be broken twigs caught up in a whirlwind. Those things are weak and indecisive. They don’t envision and stand firm in direction. They let other elements choose their course.

That kind of life just scares me to think about.

I don’t want my life to be determined by all the other variables. I am responsible for myself, choices, boundaries, and life. No one else acts the actions I act. Only I can do that.

I am tired of being a people pleaser, so please don’t be offended if I say no to you. I kinda like the idea of being a mountain. A queen. A ruler of my life. Brave. Strong. Beautiful. Wise. Empowered.

I am a mountain mover, and I will ever live to move mountains that would dare drag me down with sneers, taunts, and slanders. For the ones who do such things are the weak ones. The ones who would be negative to me. The ones who would curse me. The ones who would judge me. They are the weak ones. Cardboard cut-outs of mountains easily to be destroyed by the smallest gust of wind.

But I will tell you, I am a mountain. I am a tree. And I will not be moved. 

Jesus tells me that if I command a mountain (obstacle) to be cast out and removed into the sea, and if I command such a thing without doubting, that it will happen.

And this is what it takes to move mountains. 



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