Why I Hate Pornography

I want you to know something, and I want you to know it well.

Pornography is a lie. It is a sickness. It is a socially acceptable poison that is ruining relationships, contributing to sex trafficking, instigating rape-like behaviors, and turning women and men into objects.

Pornography destroys lives. It destroys real and intimate human connection.

I sincerely abhor it and will speak out against it for my entire life.

I was addicted to pornography in high school, and it ruined some deep aspects of life for me. I will not go too deep, but I will say this:

Pornography is not worth it. 

Love begins with “hey” and not sex.

Love knows your name. Pornography knows your loneliness.

Love is founded in trust. Pornography is founded on lust.

Love is between two people who are REAL and CONNECTED.

Pornography is between one man/woman and THOUSANDS of unknown actors.


Love is a foundation. Pornography is a facade.

Do not watch pornography. Do not look at explicit images in magazines or online. Don’t imagine them inside your head. It will ruin REAL connections with REAL people.

To the fathers addicted to porn, what if that was your daughter who some other man was watching? Would you want that? That’s someone’s daughter, sister, or mother.

To the women addicted, what if that was your son who some other woman was watching?Would you want that? That’s someone’s son, brother, or father.

The actors on the screen are real people, but they will never love you. They will never sacrifice for you. They will never even know your name.

Pornography is an empty pit that leads to nowhere. A dark abyss and sexual perversion.

But there is hope.


Learn about it. Fight it. Heal from it.

If God and healing conversations with others could heal me, then you can also be healed.

Never give up.

#Porn Kills Love.

#Don’t Take Fake.

#Fight For Love.



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