We Don’t Exist To Please Man…


What if we just stopped caring about what everyone thought and simply lived–within reason. I mean, there are certain things not to do for the benefit of a good life and making a good life for those around you. But your passions. The things that make you come alive.
For example, I want to write rap music and I am a white blonde who grew up in rural Illinois.
I am a woman and I don’t really want kids because I would rather be busy doing other things with my life that seem more fulfilling.
I would rather travel the world and go on adventures than be stuck to a life that is an 8-5 career in the same town for my whole life.
I would rather hang out with kids and laugh than go out to fancy dinners in business attire and holding pretentious conversations–not that all business people do that.
I would rather laugh and joke than pretend that hiding my true self is worth the sacrifice.
I would rather you treat me as if I am a human being rather than a little girl, but I guess we can’t all get what we want.
I would rather express these passions and ideas that are in my heart than stay silent for the sake of possible humiliation. I’m going to be judged anyway, so I might as well be judged being myself than being someone who I am not.
We don’t exist to please man. That’s a trap and a pathetic existence.
I mean, who do YOU want to become and what is stopping you? Why are you letting other people’s opinions and judgments control your life?
God made you to be someone and you will never feel fully alive until you step out and be the incredible human being that you are. Don’t settle.
If Jesus was afraid of the religious leaders, we would never have had the freedom we have today. He was a radical. A lover of people. A giver of wisdom. An authoritative voice against sickness and demons. He was a leader and a servant. He was present in people’s lives.
More importantly, Jesus wasn’t afraid to be Himself. He knew who He was and that His identity didn’t come from other people or from life on earth. It came from the Father.
Ask God how He made you and step into the freedom of being a child of God. We aren’t slaves to men. We are children of God.

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