I Hate Divorce

I hate the splintering of two lives resulting in the children having to clean up the aftermath. I hate being a daughter of a broken marriage. I hate having trust issues and fear when it comes to romantic relationships. I hate that I desire so much security to come from a man.

I hate it because I wish I didn’t desire it.

I hate that I have lack.

It annoys me.

A life I never got to experience. A love I never got to cherish. I didn’t get to have a picture perfect family. Mom and dad together at concerts. Mom and dad together at graduation. Mom and dad together at recitals.

It was always been separate. Never one.

In fact, I’ve never felt like I’ve really belonged anywhere. I’ve never really felt that things have really come together.

I hate divorce.


3 thoughts on “I Hate Divorce

    • I believe we can all heal. I may feel broken from time to time, but I don’t have to stay that way. My dad loves me. My mom loves me. God loves. I believe that we can be whole again, even if our past says otherwise. It takes time, but it CAN happen. There is always hope. ❤ I was just venting some emotions with this post…it resurfaces from time to time.

  1. My parents didn’t divorce but these feelings resonate with me because my dad was never home. When he came back, it was because he had cancer. I never knew my dad like a daughter should. I never saw my parents happy together. My dad was an alcoholic. You are right though. Feelings are feelings but they don’t define me. I can make choices that bring healing or I can wallow in my hurt. I can love when it hurts. I can be different. Thanks for sharing your heart. I hate divorce, but I really hate the root of it which is sin. Sin destroys good things.

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