What I’ve Learned to Love about Working at McDonald’s

I really love people. I love getting the chance to make children smile and to meet customers from around the world.

Yes. The WORLD.

I’ve met people from Holland, Slovenia, France, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Australia, and perhaps a few more places.

And all because I applied for a job at McDonald’s.

I get to increase skills in languages by working with a core group of women who speak Spanish. That’s adding a third language to my life in steps to becoming trilingual.

My ability to multitask and work diligently–my character, essentially–has grown immensely. I am learning that sometimes you just have to do what needs to get done, no matter how you feel.

Yes, the food is terrible for you.

But there are a lot more benefits than negatives, in my opinion.

I’ve made so many good friends and feel the power of teamwork on a regular basis. When I am doing drive thru, I’m not left to fend for myself. There are people who prepare the food, put the food in its appropriate bags when it is finished, people who hand out the food, and people who take orders.

I’m a big fan of one-on-one interaction and I get to do that pretty much all day with people. Whether it is coworkers or customers, I get to interact with these amazing people all day.

What I like about McDonald’s is its consistency. And I think that’s what makes it so successful. For the majority of the time, McDonald’s will provide a product that is consistent. 

I’ve also learned how not to take things personally and how not to hold onto offenses. When you come into a work environment, you are also assimilated into a culture of personalities that you either fit well with or don’t. Talking back to managers who I don’t agree with will never change their personalities. Sometimes you just have to continue on, knowing who you are and your self-worth, no matter what the people around you choose to say.

I’ve learned that my positive attitude and humorous demeanor with making up songs and smiling helps provide a better work environment.

I love working at McDonald’s.

Ba da ba ba baaaaaa…..

You know the rest. 😉



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