Be Beautiful

Women of all ages, colors, races, and sizes.

Be Beautiful.

This is something we get to do, unique unto our own gender. It is a gift and not a right to break hearts. It is a blessing and not a means to draw men towards lust. Be beautiful. Don’t be prideful about it.

Dress modestly, realizing that our bodies do have attractions that can lead to inappropriate thoughts.

Be fearless. Don’t limit yourself based on your gender or based on how some men treat you. They’re not worth the offense. They’re just…other people…just like you. Who cares what they may think or say?

Be patient. Don’t settle for a man who is not going to treat you for all you are worth. Get to know people. Don’t rush into relationships out of desperation.

Know that you are a queen. You are royalty and are privileged as daughters of God, to carry yourselves as such.

Be you. Don’t change because of a boy. But remain, immovable in the Love that saved your souls.

Be Beautiful. 


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