Bold: Chapter 1 (Fiction)

The other day at work, it seemed like every question I asked was responded to with a tinge of annoyance. I wish my coworkers treated me better. All I ever try to do is my best.

But it seems like it’s never enough.

Am I enough?

Sometimes my name doesn’t reflect my true self. My name is Hope. I live in a small town in Illinois surrounded by stretches of corn, farmland, and humid air.

I am 24 years old and live with my mother. Because I had no plans after college, I moved back in with her and am now working at McDonald’s. Man, I really wish that people were kinder, but I’m learning that have to make the conscious decision to be the kind one, even if everyone around me isn’t. If I want change, I need to be the one who changes things. I need to communicate how I feel without blaming other people so that they can see where I am at.

I need to learn how to live an offense-free life.

God has been teaching me lately about what it means to be bold. Being bold isn’t about feeling bold, it’s about choosing to act boldly. The actions will give way to desired results and positive feelings will follow.

So when I go into work this Thursday afternoon, I am going to be bold.



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