In The Becoming…

Now that the fear is gone, I have room to breathe again. I’m always not doing things because I do not understand their purpose. But maybe it’s time to approach my interests for the sake of how they make me feel – to approach them as if I were a child, again.

The biggest part of becoming something is not once you’ve obtained your goal. Rather, it is in the becoming that you discover just who you are.

When a dog chases a ball, he’s not joyful only when he catches it. You see, that dog has immense joy in the running and in the waiting to chase again!

Isn’t that how we ought to live?

When I sing, play trumpet, play piano, speak French, speak Spanish, run, or mountain bike, I want to enjoy the process.

I am art. I am a painting being forged in the framework of time and space and eternity.

What a thrilling thing to learn! What a thrilling moment to be alive!

This is my moment.

I am a droplet of existence created to make ripples in time and space. I change things because I am alive. Words made life. Therefore, by declaring my ambitions on this page, I am creating the life I desire.

I live a free life. I live a bold life. I live a generous life. I live an influential life. I will get married. I will change how people look at pornography, women, and human trafficking. I will become fluent in at least 5 other languages by the age of 30 and use these languages to bridge gaps between cultures and people groups to help unite the world. I am a world-changer.

In the becoming, I choose to be the best I can be and to never let go of my dreams.

They belong to me, after all.



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