As a society, we idolize and follow human knowledge and human emotions. This is not good, for these things are inconsistent. Is it not ignorant to follow ideologies that do not remain the same? Why is this man’s thought truth? Why is that woman’s emotional conviction truth?

Truth has to be something that doesn’t change with time, emotion, or circumstance.

This is why God has to be truth, for He is a being written about who never changes. Does that not say something?

  1. Truth can’t be an emotion. Do we not go through heartache, sometimes, after assuming we have found “the one”? So now, was that love true or false? See how confusing basing truth from emotions is?
  2. Truth can’t be based in human knowledge. We are STILL trying to master the mysteries of science, health, and the universe. Love isn’t even something we can fully comprehend.

So I propose that truth is not what you make it. No. Truth has already been made.

Knowing truth sets you free from wasting time following emotions, opinions, and circumstances that always change. This is an endless path to nowhere.

So I choose what God says. His words made me, after all.


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