In the Unseen

I feel like I’m mediocre at a lot of things. Inside, I feel there is a wall where all my skills are trying to push against.

It’s level.

I’ve gotten so far in Spanish, French, Keyboard, Trumpet, Singing, Exercising, Worship Leading, etc…

But what is next?

Maybe I need to commit them all to God and let Him have His way in them. I just feel a wall. I know I’m not working hard enough on all of them. But I do work on them. Believe me, I do.

I wonder if it’s that I’m trying to find purpose in them rather than in God. I don’t know what to think or how to approach this situation.

But I know that all these expressions are branches coming from the same tree–the tree that God made.

The tree that is me.

And I suppose in order to grow these branches I must first continue to grow in the One whom I’m rooted in. I think I’ve lost my passion.

I really just don’t know the answer.

I’m stuck by what I see, when I should be free in the unseen.



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