God has been speaking this word to me lately. I believe He’s wanting me to see that, where there is always a possibility of failure, there is also always a possibility for success.

I’ve adapted a new mantra for myself.

I won’t know until I try. 

I think that too often, we assign preconceived notions that we will fail, even if we have yet to try the particular task or endeavor. And I think that is pathetic. We are alive for so much more than to be too afraid of trying! Who told you can’t do it, and why do you believe such an ignorant voice? What do they know of your potential?

In John 10:10, Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Notice the word only. The only purpose of the Enemy, Satan, the Devil (whatever title you prefer) in your life is to take away the very life and possibilities that Jesus has granted to you. In Ephesians v. 20, we learn that Jesus (he had been resurrected at this point) “…is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think….” It is this very Jesus who is able to give us an abundant life – one which the enemy works diligently to destroy.

Now, why would there be so much effort to take what has been given to us? Why are our souls a matter of war in the spiritual realm? Is it because we are weak? Is it because we are forgotten?


It is because we are capable. In a fight, there is always potential for one side or the other to win. God wants us to know that, with and through Him, we are and have always been capable. 

I was praying the other day, and these lyrics started to form. I wrote them down:

You call me capable.

You call me friend.

You call me to a love

that bears no end.

I believe we are capable because of God’s endless and boundless love. God is the first, and so He is the first and most ultimate source of anything we could ever need. We are capable because we can rely on an infinite abundance of wisdom, love, assurance, provision, security, etc. BUT, we still have to do our part. We can’t sit on our behinds watching SpongeBob waiting for someone to pay our bills.

Life with God is not passive. It is very much active. But God wants us to know that we are not alone in any of it. So we can have our passions, activities, dinners, and hobbies–but we must always be aware that God is why we exist. As we become more aware of God in our lives, we see that He is always the one who has made us capable to conquer anything in life. This doesn’t mean we will never fail–it means there will always be someone greater than our own strength to pick us up and revitalize our lives and disposition.

Let me give you an example:

So, I am a young woman (obviously) and, for the longest time, I’ve tried to satisfy the longing in my heart to be loved by pursuing men. I thought that if I could only get a guy to love me, then I’d be happy.


God would always be the one that I would choose second. In the heartache, in the confusion, in the turmoil. He’d always be the “rebound” that I would crawl back to, asking Him to patch up my heart, always wondering why “it didn’t work out this time.”

And I realize–He was always already there, providing the capability for me to have a strong heart. He was always the one who loved me first. I didn’t have to chase God’s love or fight for it.

You see, God’s capability in our lives is not something we have to earn, strive for, or cry over. It is something we already possess in the deepest core of our existence. He knew each and everyone of us before the foundation of the world and before our coherent understanding of time.

It was always God’s plan to make us capable. 






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