Live Like Jazz

I’ve been dealing with a lot of unknowns lately and said unknowns tend to trigger this deadly, gut wrenching, life paralyzing monster known as


And believe me…I HATE anxiety. I hate how it influences me to treat others, to treat myself, and to treat my own dreams.

Recently, I’ve stepped into a few new territories. For example, I am moving to a new continent in 4 months to go to Hillsong College. That’s probably the biggest thing I’ll ever do in my life. I am involved in a new young adult ministry called Kingdom Culture. Within this ministry, I have stepped into leadership with a few people I am still getting to know well.

So with all these new things, I am finding it hard to balance sudden change.

But isn’t that sometimes part of the adventure?

I was explaining to my brother the other day somethings that were making me feel anxious, and he sent this text to me:

Remember that you are an improvisor, trust in your ability to go with the flow, and move with the changes, and let the pressure fall away.

Live like Jazz.

As easy as that might sound, at least with Jazz music I knew: which song I was playing, what key it was in, other soloists, and a range of notes I could choose from. But I also know that a solo, though played within a structured environment, changes with how other musicians are playing. Solos tend to play off one another. And when you play music, you gain inspiration from what’s going on inside of you and around you in how you express it.

So then if I listen to anxiety and if I only move forward when I am 100% certain of an outcome, then I am never going to get anywhere in life.

Life IS an unknown.

And I’ve always thought it was in my control.

Proverbs 3:5 – 6 (my version) says:

Trust in the Lord with EVERYTHING and don’t just rely on what you think and know. With every step, look to Him and consider His thoughts, and He’ll lead you in the right direction.

God is always the bigger, higher, and ultimate One who isn’t phased by the unknowns of life. He MADE life.

So as I step into the coming weeks, months, years, and the rest of my life, I am going to try to

Live Like Jazz. 

If this post inspired you to step out into your dreams, I’d like to hear about it. Don’t be afraid to comment and share!


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