And the World Will Know the Love of God

In 6 months, I will be stepping on the shores of a new land, a new culture, and a new people.

I’m doing this crazy thing where I’m going to fly around the world and go to Hillsong College.

My heart is excited, nervous, hesitant, and energized to partake in a new adventure. I have so much vision inside of my heart and so many things that I want to share! It’s a good thing this place is an international school. I’d go crazy without different languages or different nations to mingle with. 🙂

If you’re looking for advice, this isn’t a post about that. It’s a window into my heart and why I am deciding to do this thing I’m doing.

Growing up the US, I know I am American. English is my native tongue. I am a typical American girl–except for the fact that I don’t feel American. 

I never have.

I really like listening to different languages, breaking them apart, and understanding them. I really like the idea of people from different nationalities coming together and living life together.

I never understood the need for division, hatred, or fear–fear and hatred are ignorant. They’re excuses for facing people who are different from ourselves.

I am a big-picture type of girl. I see everything as a big, crazy puzzle where we are all connected and where we all have the potential to be free!

Yes, I want to go to Hillsong College for songwriting, but a part of my heart that has only been growing and growing is my desire to reach the world. To see people free. To see us all connected. To see hate abolished and love liberated.

And with music? Well, that’s a way for me to do that! I love the idea of how worship music can connect our hearts to God’s heart.

I want to 1) Create music the connects people to God and 2) Reach people around the world, bring people together, and mend the broken hearts of this world.

I feel so odd being such a small human who has so many big things inside of her, but it would be a disservice to the world to ignore them.

So I’m not going to ignore them.

I’m running full steam ahead. And the world will know the Love of God.